“Through thought-provoking projects and commentary, Cerpina and Stenslie encourage us to think and reflect in order to spark our collective imagination. Together, they envision possibilities for our edible future and beyond!”

Stephanie Tharp, Professor, University of Michigan; coauthor of Discursive Design: Critical, Speculative, and Alternative Things


“The Anthropocene Cookbook is not your typical recipe book. It is more important than that. It is a cookbook for the imagination, containing recipes that remind us how to imagine, speculate, dream — and see the world otherwise.”

Julian Bleecker, Founder, Near Future Laboratory; Chief Executive Officer, OMATA


“Around the table is the right place to think about our future, and adapting to the Anthropocene requires the creativity of the kitchen. This recipe book is a must-have for people willing to experiment with radical ideas through cooking.”

Matteo Vignoli, Assistant Professor, University of Bologna; Founder, Future Food Institute