By Zane Cerpina & Stahl Stenslie.
Forthcoming at MIT Press, October 2022.


The Anthropocene Cookbook is by far the most comprehensive collection of ideas about future food from the perspective of art, design, science, and even the commercial sector. It is a thought-provoking book about art, food, and eating in the Anthropocene –The Age of Man– and the age of catastrophes. The book investigates humanity’s future cuisine from an artistic perspective in a time when humankind shapes, models, and engineers the earth beyond recognition. In our age of constant environmental upheaval, the book poses the two following simple questions about our menu to be: how can we survive and thrive in the future?

Revolving around food as a topic, the content is as much about how to think and act differently through the arts. Presenting more than 60 artistic and explorative projects, it is mapping out ways we can and will feed ourselves on a planet changed beyond repair by human activity. 

The Anthropocene Cookbook explores a wide range of artistic ideas and projects from modifying the human body to digest cellulose, turning plastic into food, tasting smog, extracting spices and medicines from sewage, growing meat, fish, and even human flesh in the lab, making cheese using human bacterias, enabling human photosynthesis through symbiosis with algae, producing liqueur from body fluids, bringing back extinct species only to eat them again, and many more.