The first chapter is about how humans have always been Cooking for Survival, resulting in the historically complex relationships we have to our food and environment.

Chapter 2: Ecological Crisis Menu offers a new take on crisis staple foods and alternative approaches to food security during times of ecological disasters.

Chapter 3: Anthropocene Specials explores the new, potentially edible, and delicious ingredients that have emerged due to human-induced changes in the environment in the new Age of Man.

Chapter 4: Fake Foodies explores our abilities to mimic the traditional dishes by replacing the primary food ingredients with alternative and often synthetic sources.

Chapter 5: Human Deli explores the culinary possibilities offered by the human body. It can be a resource for new and exquisite locally sourced flavors.

Chapter 6: Bug Buffet – takes a critical look at insects’ potential to replace animal protein sources.

Chapter 7: Super Foods explores an age-old dream of creating foods with enormous or –even better– magical powers.

Chapter 8: Future Junk Food looks at how fast food and the junk food industry might be changed by the adverse environmental conditions in the Anthropocene.

Chapter 9: Fantastic Cuisine presents the most bizarre and extravagant meals that might someday become part of our diet. Food fantasies are an essential tool in shaping our edible futures.