The Anthropocene Cookbook is an artistic research project investigating the future cuisine of humanity. To sustain the soon-to-be 9 billion global population we cannot count on Mother Earth’s resources anymore. The project investigates the most innovative and speculative ideas about new foods within the field of arts, design, science & technology. The project rethinks our eating traditions, challenges food taboos and proposes new recipes for survival in times of dark-ecological catastrophes.

The material gathered throughout the research will form the basis for the publication “The Anthropocene Cookbook: eating for our survival”. Each chapter discusses a different topic of alternative foods from the “Future Junk Food” to “Crisis Meals” and “Fantastic Cuisine”. Each chapter will also offer a DIY recipe and a documentation of the food experiments conducted during the public food performances. The cookbook will serve as a look-book of speculative projects about food. In the Cookbook you will find interviews with several artists working with the future cuisine.

This is an ongoing research project, that currently has collected material about 50+ projects exploring the future cuisine.

This is the cookbook for the future. Will all these be the favourite recipes in the world in 50 years? Or will be just one of them –  “The meal in a pill”: a global meal to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?