The Meal-in-a-pill is a three course dinner consisting of three swallowable pills: the starter – energy pill (synthesized caffeine), the main dish – protein pill (insect infused powder) and desert – edible PLA microplastics coated with sweetened cellulose. The concept has taken inspiration from the classic staple of science fiction. The three course meal-in-a-pill was… Continue Reading

The Anthropocene Cookbook Opening Party

“The Anthropocene Cookbook Opening Party” 14.07.2017, part of TAC event cycle 2017, @Rucka Artist Residency, Cesis, Latvia. A presentation of the project and a experimental lecture on “Post-Catastrophe Dishes” including such topics as Anthropocene Specials, Post-Catastrophe dishes, Bug Buffet and Body as a Restaurant. During the talk audience could taste Ant(i) Pasti: ant pate made… Continue Reading