The Anthropocene Spices : The Origin

What’s the taste of the Anthropocene? Whatever the future will hold, let’s make it taste great. Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie presented their new edible intervention The Origin – the first set of The Anthropocene Spices. The Origin set lets you have a taste of some million years of history. 0-taste rice crackers will be… Continue Reading


The Origin is the first set of The Spices of the Anthropocene. This edible intervention lets you have a taste of some million years of history. 0-taste rice crackers are served flavoured with three unique spices: CarbonLost (pulverized, petrified forest, 225 million years), RaptorDust (grounded, pulverized raptor tooth, 94-101 million years old), Xterra (powdered meteorite,… Continue Reading


The Meal-in-a-pill is a three course dinner consisting of three swallowable pills: the starter – energy pill (synthesized caffeine), the main dish – protein pill (insect infused powder) and desert – edible PLA microplastics coated with sweetened cellulose. The concept has taken inspiration from the classic staple of science fiction. The three course meal-in-a-pill was… Continue Reading


THE ANTHROPOCENE FEAST: EATING THE LAST DRAGON 12.08.2017, Cesis Livonian Castle Garden, Cesis, Latvia. The Anthropocene Feast connected the past and the future into one imaginary food experiment – cooking the last dragon on the Earth. The event aimed at provoking the visitors to reflect on how has our kitchen has changed due to the… Continue Reading