The Anthropocene Spices : The Origin

What’s the taste of the Anthropocene?
Whatever the future will hold, let’s make it taste great.

Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie presented their new edible intervention The Origin – the first set of The Anthropocene Spices. The Origin set lets you have a taste of some million years of history. 0-taste rice crackers will be served flavoured with three unique spices : RaptorDust (grounded, pulverized raptor tooth, 65 million years old), Xterra (powdered meteorite, 4+ billion years), CarbonLost (pulverized, carbonized forest, 100+ million years). The food performance is part of The Anthropocene Cookbook – Eating for Our Future Survival – an artistic research project investigating the future cuisine of humanity. To sustain the soon-to-be 9 billion global population -and many more- we cannot count on Mother Earth’s natural resources anymore. The project explores the most innovative and speculative ideas about new foods within the field of arts, design, science & technology. The project rethinks our eating traditions, challenges food taboos and proposes new recipes for survival and great tastes in times of dark-ecological catastrophes.

8th Inter-format Symposium on Rites and Terrabytes
Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania
20-24th June, 2018

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