Oron Catts gave a talk seminar on 15th of March, presenting his artistic work and projects done as part of the SymbioticA. We are happy to announce that an interview with Oron will be part of the upcoming publication The Anthropocene Cookbook.

Here’s a short insight: “Going back to me saying “When someone sees a solution, I see a symptom”, in-vitro meat is the best example for that. Many think of in-vitro meat as something trying to solve a problem. A problem that can easily be solved by reducing consumption. What in-vitro meat is doing very well, it is reminding us about problems we associate with contemporary modes of meat production. By offering this as a solution we are simply extending the symptom of our consumption rather than solving the problem.”

Oron Catts is an artist, researcher and curator whose pioneering work with the Tissue Culture and Art Project which he established in 1996 is considered a leading biological art project. He has been credited as the first to grow and eat in-vitro cultured meat.

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